Changing expectations of the Workforce




The workforce is changing the way we do business. Whilst once wearing a suit to work and being given a desktop computer were more than satisfactory, this is no longer the case. Businesses are no longer able to dictate to the workforce what they want and instead, departments across the business have to adapt to meet these changing expectations driven by employees.

One of the most significant impacts on businesses today, driven primarily by employees, is bring your own device (BYOD). Historically, IT departments have had full control over equipment and devices available to members of staff. Now, as each employee seeks to bring devices of choice into the workplace both for personal and work purposes, businesses need to sit up and listen; ensuring the relevant infrastructure and security mechanisms are in place to support productivity.

So what’s driving BYOD and these changing expectations?

Consumerisation of IT

A desktop computer just isn’t enough these days. Fact. Consumers now want the tablet devices and mobile handsets that they have in their personal lives within the workplace. And, more often than not, they want to use their own devices; bringing them into the workplace and requiring the relevant software to be installed in order to allow tasks to be completed.

Mobile workforce

According to the 2013 Forrester report, ‘Mobile Workforce Adoption Trends’, 37% of employees are now working from multiple locations and 82% of these workers are using mobile apps when they do so. As such, employers are having to respond to this and offer the right policies and strategies in order to fulfil this growing demand. Furthermore, organisations have to provide the necessary tools if employees are expected to attend meetings and work remotely.

Largely driven by generation Y, these changes have been seen gradually over the last few years, and are now becoming the norm. Employers that want to retain and attract the best staff must be prepared to encourage flexible working, allow employees to use the technologies they wish and provide autonomy to the workforce in how they choose to work. Those that don’t may end up driving away their best employees.

How is your workforce changing the way you run your business?

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