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  • Innovation


    Top Five Innovations to Help Ambitious Businesses Run Better

    2015-07-23 05:23 - 1200 views

    Over the last 10 years, the ways businesses and employees work have changed drastically. Gone are the days where each employee came into the office every day, used conference calls as their sole form of collaboration and only promoted their business through their website or newspapers. Now, organisations have a monumental choice as to which […]

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  • Management


    Using technology to bridge the productivity gap

    2015-09-25 05:03 - 980 views

    While the general economy is seeing steady growth, recent statistics show that the UK continues to be less productive than other similar developed countries. This ‘productivity gap’ is leading companies to look for ways to keep costs as low as possible while driving innovation and growth in every area, including labour. In particular, a recent […]

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  • Manufacturing Success


    Disrupting UK Manufacturers

    2014-11-05 03:39 - 2068 views

    UK manufacturers are in an optimistic mood concerning growth and success despite grappling with increasing customer complexity, emerging technologies such as 3D printing, supply chain disruption and challenges that a multi-generational workforce creates. The Manufacturing Success report, which analyses annual trends in the UK manufacturing industry found that new technologies can have positive and adverse […]

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  • Money


    Cash for Complaints: No Thanks – We’re British

    2015-10-05 04:02 - 803 views

    A willingness to offer compensation as soon as customers demand it does not guarantee their loyalty, or improve market share.  More than 2,000 UK consumers were asked about their response when products fail or service levels drop below expected standards, and whilst they admit to complaining, the idea that Britain is driven by a compensation […]

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  • Technology


    Video: Innovabee Deploys SAP S/4 HANA Finance

    2015-11-16 09:19 - 168 views

    Want to know why SAP Partner Innovabee has deployed SAP S/4 HANA Finance and how the company now benefits from more efficient and innovative financial processes and a great user experience?

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