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  • Innovation


    Digital transformation & the customer experience

    2016-05-03 04:23 - 118 views

    By Mike Hughes, MD, PeopleTECH Digital transformation is a term that you hear far more about than you actually see in action. Many organisations talk a good game, but those that have a coherent, workable and strategic plan for their digital transformation are few and far between. This is certainly the case with many established […]

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  • Management


    How to put your customers at the heart of your content creation

    2016-04-01 05:21 - 385 views

    Your customers have the potential to be your most powerful content creators, bringing your brand in front of new audiences and, often, generating more trust and engagement than your best planned campaigns. User-generated content is not a new concept but it is snowballing to become one of the most important tools digital marketers have at […]

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  • Manufacturing Success


    Disrupting UK Manufacturers

    2014-11-05 03:39 - 2725 views

    UK manufacturers are in an optimistic mood concerning growth and success despite grappling with increasing customer complexity, emerging technologies such as 3D printing, supply chain disruption and challenges that a multi-generational workforce creates. The Manufacturing Success report, which analyses annual trends in the UK manufacturing industry found that new technologies can have positive and adverse […]

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  • Money


    Future cheque clearing model places emphasis on speed and innovation

    2016-04-13 10:34 - 396 views

    Cheque volumes in the UK may have dropped from four billion in 1990 to 644 million in 2014, however the introduction of the Future Clearing Model will modernise the payment method, with banks using digital images of the cheques to process all payments. Martin Ruda, Managing Director of the TALL Group of Companies, explains how […]

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  • Technology


    6 developments for wearables that will hopefully become reality

    2016-03-22 03:15 - 624 views

    The shops are full of them: bracelets, pedometers and heart rate watches. The gadgets however tend to be pricey, not always accurate and not always useful. For the new generation of wearables, there is plenty of room for improvement, these are six developments we are going to see this year. 1 Contextual data Wearables of […]

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