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  • Innovation


    Customer centricity

    2014-08-29 08:21 - 576 views

      The customer is at the heart of everything we do. Having worked in the industry for 15 years, I’ve seen a lot of change. In the last few years, customers have become increasingly empowered thanks to the ease of being able to compare products and services. So why is it that customers are able […]

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  • Management


    Manufacturers looking to plan beyond 12 months?

    2014-08-29 08:33 - 509 views

      The Manufacturing Success 2014 report, commissioned by SAP and Ciber, provides an independent review of the key trends in the UK manufacturing sector. One of the key statistics from the report that stood out for me as a former manufacturing accountant, and now a consultant deploying planning applications with SAP BPC was that ‘54% […]

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  • Manufacturing Success


    Do you have the skills in place for manufacturing success?

    2014-09-12 03:26 - 124 views

    It’s no secret that there is a skills shortage within the manufacturing sector, with recent research suggesting we are hitting a critical point – will we be able to fill that skills void we’re experiencing or are we running out of time. For this industry in particular, skilled employees have typically been within their roles […]

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  • Money


    How will small businesses benefit from new government legislation to boost SME lending?

    2014-09-11 10:46 - 346 views

      When seeking finance, most small businesses will head straight for the bank, even though a bank’s processes can be laborious and time-consuming – and if rejected, 40% will give up their search completely. This rut that small businesses find themselves stuck in – added to their hesitance to explore other more suitable finance options – […]

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  • Technology


    How SME marketers should engage with the ‘Human CIO’

    2014-08-28 05:18 - 362 views

      We recently unveiled the latest findings from this year’s Tech Heads 2014 project, a yearly investigation into CIO purchasing patterns and preferences. As always, it uncovered a large number of interesting trends: Ambient content marketing may be most effective to generating technology leads  Ambient content marketing is a little akin to ambient advertising, something that’s been around the British advertising […]

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