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  • Innovation


    “Nobody ever got fired for choosing (insert vendor name)” doesn’t work for ERP!

    2015-03-10 04:40 - 402 views

      “Nobody ever got fired for choosing (insert vendor name)” doesn’t work for ERP, leastwise for ERP in a small company when it is usually the top boss signing off. However, ERP runs your business, so there is a lot at stake in selecting the right solution. So what are the key considerations?  “We’re a […]

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  • Management


    Give it some heart and soul – and reap the rewards

    2015-03-02 03:24 - 422 views

      A recent survey I read by Circle Research shows that only 7% of global SMEs have an ambition related to ‘societal improvement’. They’d much rather achieve growth, satisfy their customers, and improve their business processes. But that doesn’t surprise me. After all, improving society is much more of a “soft” ambition. It can’t deliver […]

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  • Manufacturing Success


    Disrupting UK Manufacturers

    2014-11-05 03:39 - 1019 views

    UK manufacturers are in an optimistic mood concerning growth and success despite grappling with increasing customer complexity, emerging technologies such as 3D printing, supply chain disruption and challenges that a multi-generational workforce creates. The Manufacturing Success report, which analyses annual trends in the UK manufacturing industry found that new technologies can have positive and adverse […]

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  • Money


    The funding keys to business growth

    2015-02-12 02:21 - 692 views

      With banks still failing to provide sufficient finance to small businesses, Mike Nolan, Academy Leasing Managing Director, considers alternative funding options when the banks say “no”. Net bank lending to SMEs is still falling according to Bank of England reports – so much so that the government is set to soon make it compulsory […]

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  • Technology


    Cloud ERP – The great enabler to Growth

    2015-03-10 04:40 - 490 views

      Never before have companies in the mid-market seen more potential for growth – not small incremental growth, but huge unprecedented opportunity.  But those looking to take these big, bold, giant steps will also face challenges.  Emerging economies add to this tremendous growth opportunity but also add risk and people challenges.  At the same time […]

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