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  • Innovation


    The Budget 2014: Is exporting the real driver for SMEs?

    2014-03-25 05:29 - 648 views

      The 2014 Budget saw The Chancellor offering SMEs financial support to encourage exports. It’s promising to see more emphasis is being placed on encouraging businesses to become involved in the global economy. However, is the real key to driving SME growth within the UK exporting? We spoke to a variety of organisations to see [...]

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  • Management


    Five Tips for Productive Meetings

    2014-04-08 12:02 - 843 views

      Meetings are without a doubt necessary to business. Be it over the phone, face-to-face or online, meetings are essential in today’s working world and often the point at which deals are made, decisions agreed upon and relationships developed. However, if held in the wrong way, they very quickly lose their value. In the UK, [...]

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  • Money


    Don’t let late payments damage your cashflow

    2014-04-03 05:08 - 479 views

      According to WorldPay’s latest research, late paying customers hugely affect the cash flow of UK small businesses. The research found that small businesses could be owed up to £2.5billion each year, and nearly half have had cash flow problems as a result. For many people trying to run their own business, late payments and [...]

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  • Technology


    New research highlights mobile threat for SMEs

    2014-03-06 12:04 - 4149 views

      New research by McAfee has uncovered that 82 per cent of Android apps are compromised with increasingly malicious and invasive malware – putting particularly smaller businesses without a mobile device management strategy at risk. The study found a steep rise in malware downloaded through seemingly harmless apps, such as tools, to give cyber criminals [...]

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