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  • Innovation


    Video: If HANA can win the World Cup, imagine what it could do for businesses

    2014-10-20 10:11 - 641 views

    Learn how the German Football Association (DFB) led their way to World Cup victory in Brazil by using SAP HANA to enhance performance and enable them to better analyse players – imagine what that could do for your business!

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  • Management


    Why data science should be at the heart of recruitment

    2014-10-30 04:13 - 152 views

      Slow, painful and overly expensive hiring has burdened too many UK businesses for far too long.  People have grown desensitised to how painful and inadequate traditional hiring processes are. Our UK research found that 41% of hiring managers have compromised on the quality of recruits because they couldn’t find suitable candidates. More and more […]

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  • Manufacturing Success


    Do you have the skills in place for manufacturing success?

    2014-09-12 03:26 - 389 views

    It’s no secret that there is a skills shortage within the manufacturing sector, with recent research suggesting we are hitting a critical point – will we be able to fill that skills void we’re experiencing or are we running out of time. For this industry in particular, skilled employees have typically been within their roles […]

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  • Money


    Dare to change; innovate or die

    2014-09-29 09:54 - 528 views

      “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.” The words of Henry Ford and Albert Einstein remain resonant today. But in the world of business – and specifically when dealing with a SME’s accounting function – they’re only partially true. In a competitive economy where regulatory, communications and […]

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  • Technology


    Ambition can’t be achieved alone

    2014-10-23 05:22 - 559 views

      Ambition is so often discussed and presented as a driver of business that often the mechanics of achieving the priority of that ambition gets left behind. In fact nearly all businesses (90%) define themselves as ambitious, with 46% declaring themselves as very ambitious. What then links ambition and the success of achieving it? The […]

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